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Love it or hate it, there's no getting away from the fact there is lot's of equipment being used for paranormal investigations! Some of which is useful, some of which, to be frank is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

I shall endevour to lead you through the plethora of gadgets and gizmo's, old and new.

 Paper and pen/pencil.

May sound a bit daft, but you can't go wrong! You don't need to replace batteries, you don't need to be a technical wizzard! just need to be able to write down what ever information you are finding. Sometimes it's good to use nothing else and just write everything down (and I mean everything!). Using watches to record the time of your 'tweets', they can be compared with other members in the group afterwards. But silence and no telling everyone else what you heard/saw/felt.


Yes, a bit James Bond, but synchronize watches at start of investigation.

 Torch (spare batteries).

Vital for moving around in the dark! There are many types, however, my bug-bear is 'normal' torches! Please, if I get you to change one thing you differently during an invest it would be this; please invest in a red lens or red LED or filter! It means you don't get blinded by white light in your face by the person who always forgets to keep their torch pointing at the ground. There is also the very practical point in that it take your eyes roughly 20mins to adjust to the dark, everytime someone turns on a bright torch, there goes your time spent adjusting!

My personal favourites are a head torch, however in the interests of not looking a complete dork (technical term!) instead of putting it on my head, I wear it on my upper arm, you can then still use the beam to see wear your walking and it's easy to find! My second favourite is my trusty maglite with red filter. (other brands of torches are available).

As as a side note, there is no reason not to do investigations during daylight. In fact more 'ghost sightings' are reported during people's normal daily activities.


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