Annesley Hall

Annesley Hall

On the 16th June 2007 It's Behind You conducted a private vigil at Annesley Hall, Nottinghamshire. We were joined by other paranormal groups including:  Ghost Haunted, Path Finders and The Real Spook Squad.

The night was quiet compared to other vigils we have done in the past, but it was still an exciting night. Those who were on their first trip to Annesley were impressed by the size and the amazing atmosphere that the place has.

Although Annesley wasn’t as active as it has been on previous vigils we've conducted there, the following things happened:

  • We set up motion detectors on the upper floor; they went off through out the night even though there weren’t any living beings up there. When we went up to investigate, they started to sound an alarm even though there was no one near them.
  • We split into two groups: ladies held a séance in the cellar whilst the men were on the upper floor. After about thirty minutes or so, all the men heard a female scream. Our medium John went down to the cellar to ensure everything was ok with the girls. John was told that they hadn’t heard anything. However, they had just asked  “If there is a spirit here, please scream out a name”!

In one of the upper rooms our medium John picked up on a female who called herself Mary. She told John she was forced to marry a man that she called an animal and that her family wouldn’t allow her to marry her childhood sweetheart because they said he was unsuitable. She told John that her family considered him too much of a “dandy”. Was there a more sinister reason?

  • Whilst walking from one room to another on the upper floor, John picked up that a gentleman from the Annesley household was fatally wounded during a duel. John was unable to pick up on the date that this took place, though.
  • Paul from Pathfinders said he could see what he thought was a bear.

Things we found out after our vigil

Dog and Bear Lane
It was said that Lord Byron use to walk his pet bear from his estate to the Chaworth home Annesley Hall – the lane leading up to the Estate was called Dog and Bear Lane.

The fatal Dual
The great uncle of the poet was the 5th Lord Bryon, so-called  "Wicked Lord William". He stood trial before the house of peers for killing his relative and neightbour Mr Chaworth. The quarrel arose because they  held different opinions on the important philosophical subject of the best method of preserving game! William was convicted only of manslaughter and escaped further punishment on paying his fine.

The love story of Annesley Hall
The families, like the estates of the Byrons and Chaworths, were connected in former times. That is, until the fatal duel. The feud prevailed for a time but was thought to be cancelled by the attachment of two youthful hearts. Lord Byron (poet) was said to be in love with Mary Ann Chaworth, a beautiful girl, and the sole heiress of Annesley. Although Byron was a young man, Mary's father found Byron to be unsuitable as a son-in-law.