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Covid January 22, 2021
Covid has had a huge impact on our ghosthunting in 2020 and it looks no different at the moment for 2021.  All of our events have been cancelle... [MORE]

International January 22, 2021
Jackie has been an investigator for many years and she has a home in Almeria, Spain and has taken her wealth of experience with her to begin our int... [MORE]

Haunted Locations Needed January 22, 2021
We need your help please to find more haunted locations to investigate.  if you know of any or of anyone that is having problems with spirits i... [MORE]

Itsbehindyou popularity has grown October 31, 2020
In recent months itsbehindyou has been inundated with membership requests and our group is growing stronger.  We are also enjoying working with... [MORE]

Bad Press April 27, 2020
Just recently there has been some bad press with a notorious medium contacting a deceased celebrity on live TV. We would like to poin... [MORE]


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