Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sensitive or Medium?

Many people are confused about the difference between a medium, psychic, or, sensitive. They are all linked, yet different.

A psychic refers to those who are connected to the paranormal through a "sixth sense". A "sixth sense" or intuition can't be explained by logic. Some mediums believes each one of us have some degree of psychic ability.

A "sensitive" also refers to anyone with this "sixth sense", or psychic prescience. These intuitions are also inexplicable by logic. Like a psychic, we all have varying degrees of sensitivity.

But not all "psychics" are "mediums" or "sensitive". A sensitive/medium is a psychic that has developed extrasensory abilities beyond the world of time; space; causality; and, permanence. This is what allows these individuals to see and hear another dimension.

Medium ship requires the ability to surrender and suspend to a frequency or level of energy where spirits resonate. Spirits respond to humans with extrasensory perception, because they are equally passionate about communicating with their loved ones left behind.

Most mediums use there abilities that include clairsentience (clear feeling); clairvoyance (clear vision); and, clairaudient (clear hearing). The detail they give during readings is evidential proof of his/her abilities. However, some believe everyone can have similar ability. "If one is willing to surrender attachment to self-interest that is required to develop them.

It is not recommended to try and attempt self development, so many things can and do go wrong, I recommend joining a circle that has a suitably experienced and trained medium, meditating for relaxation is perfectly safe, but once you start opening your self up for spiritual enhancement its so important a suitably experienced and trained person is overseeing presidings encase things start to go wrong, then they will have to have the knowledge and experience to deal with it, if the medium is worth there sort they would have picked up on it before things got that far.

Is it safe to go on a paranormal investigation without a medium?

A medium is like any other bit of equipment, he or she is there to help gather evidence, the deference is, I know of no other instrument that can pick up on names, dates and have the ability to pursue and question spirits and other entities. Also if something does go wrong they should have the ability to deal and make things safe, this a sensitive cannot do. Anyone can go in to a gas filled room and sense and smell gas, but it would take a suitably trained and qualified person to repair a leak, in other words a medium is like an insurance policy, you can go years with out needing one, but there is always that time you do, so a medium is like your insurance if things go wrong you will be glad you have one. I recommend anyone going on an investigation ask who the medium is and research they are who they say they are, sensitive’s are not mediums and do not have the ability to deal with bad things that might, although unlikely to go wrong, but remember the insurance policy philosophy.  

My name is Clair I’m 16 from Huddersfield why can’t I join a group like yours they say I have to be 21 and that’s 5 years away.

Most groups in the UK will let you join at the age of 18. The reason most responsible groups have a lower age policy of 18, is that’s the age we consider a person should be mature enough to handle the pressures of paranormal activity. The last thing anyone wants is to put a young person off for life, or frighten them so much it causes some form of mental breakdown. Its true some people mature quicker than others but there has to be a general policy. And remember in the UK you have to be 18 to vote and drink on licence premises. When you are 18 and that’s only 2 years away approach them again or another group in your area.

I hope this answers your question.         

I'm Glen Adams from Los Angeles: can anyone tell me what an orb is as I have been told some really unbelievable stuff like they are disembodied ghosts!!  I look forward to reading your reply. Glen.

Hi Glen. One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘what are orbs?’ Depending on whom you talk to will depend on the answer you get, so this is my opinion in this controversial subject.

 In the days before digital photography and 35 mm film cameras were the norm orbs where a rarity and in some circles something to get excited about. No one really understood what this phenomenon was although there was allot of speculation. In the early days of digital cameras orbs where becoming the norm in almost every photo taken, as the technology used in cameras improved orbs become less and the excitement started to rebuild itself. You do tend to get more orbs with the cheaper cameras though.  

So what are orbs?

They can be a number of things, dust, pollen, insects, moisture, reflection and all manner of similar  things, the closer the flash to the lens the more orbs you are likely to get, but orbs being ghosts or spirits I am certainly not convinced.

 I get asked all the time to look at orb photo’s and give an unbiased opinion but often get told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I tell them it’s natural and not paranormal. For example a lady from American asked me to look at a photo of fairies on her roof, when she emailed them to me the roof was just covered in orbs. I asked two important questions, the first was ‘why would you take a photo of your roof in the dark?’ and ‘what were the weather conditions?’  She replied she was meditating and a voice told her to take her camera outside and she would see fairies on the roof. I replied again asking about the weather conditions, she answered saying she’d had to be quick as it was pouring down with rain. I asked if she had considered that the orbs could be in fact rain drops on the camera lens or raindrops reflecting the flash, she replied with a stern email saying ‘what kind of medium are you not being able to tell the difference between fairies and rain drops!’ Maybe that says it all!

 It has been suggested that spirits prefer to show themselves as orbs because it takes less energy to manifest, also the pink ones are female and the blue are male! Personally I would question the logic in this as ghosts and spirits are just that. They are not shape shifters (that’s a whole separate topic!).

Most of the time on an investigation the only anomaly you will capture on camera are orbs so it is important you carefully scrutinise them to make sure they are not obvious natural phenomena like dust or reflection.

Kathy will soon be writing a more in depth article on this subject so please keep a look out as it will be on a more scientific bases.               


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