Psychic Training

While working with a production team on a vigil which was being film one of the production crew asked me “Can I become a medium?” a question I often get asked, my answer is always the same “You can!” Everyone has the ability to become a medium, some times it just takes a little longer to bring it out.

The only way in my opinion is to join a development circle run by a fully trained and competent medium. The place to start is at your local spiritualist church, they often have open circles some times called experimental circles, it’s a way of learning to meditate while being supervised by a qualified medium, if they consider you have potential and are able to work with the already formed group you will be invited to join their closed circle (development circle).

A warning though, you must show commitment, they will not tolerate lateness or taking time off unless you have very good reason, some mediums will allow shift workers to miss the occasional sessions.

I developed my skills while being part of a closed circle, although I knew that I had second sight and had being aware of spirits since being very young I knew that I needed to learn how to direct my skills ensuring that I remained safe at all times.

The circle I joined started at 8pm, at 7:55 the medium would lock the door and no one would be allowed in after that time, this was to ensure a safe and protected environment.

Some mediums are self developed and self taught, I personally would never recommend this for various reasons, the main one is protection, don’t get the impression that your guides will automatically protect you, it doesn’t work that way. I have known mediums that thought they where automatically protected and found themselves in trouble, I know of a extremely professional  medium has now given it all up and is working in a bar, all because she didn’t protect her self, she often said and believed that she was well protected and that her guides would always look after her then one day while doing a vigil in a very haunted building where the spirits where not so friendly she ended up with one attaching its self to her, she couldn’t get rid of it, there were three other mediums there that night, but she was the only one affected. So remember if you want to develop your psychic ability, the place to start is your local spiritual church, you will be taught to protect your self as well as meditation techniques, plus the responsibility that comes with medium ship.