Paranormal Phenomenon

There are vast amounts of different paranormal phenomena which people generally have heard of, on these pages we will attempt to bring you information on the phenomena itself and also information and links to further research should a particular topic hold special interest for you.

(Please bear with me as due to the range of phenomena and also the amount of information needed to try and give you a broad understanding it may take some time)


One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘what are orbs?’ Depending on whom you talk to will depend on the answer you get, so this is my opinion in this controversial subject.

 In the days before digital photography and 35 mm film cameras were the norm orbs where a rarity and in some circles something to get excited about. No one really understood what this phenomenon was although there has been lots of speculation.

 So what are orbs?

They can be a number of things, dust, pollen, insects, moisture, reflection and all manner of similar things. It has been said the closer the flash to the lens the more orbs you are likely to get, but orbs being ghosts or spirits (especially as there is no actual evidence) I am certainly not convinced they are anything that cannot be explained by normal scientific methods.

 I get asked all the time to look at orb photo’s and give an unbiased opinion but often get told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I tell them it’s natural and not paranormal. For example a lady from American asked me to look at a photo of fairies on her roof, when she emailed them to me the roof was just covered in orbs. I asked two important questions, the first was ‘why would you take a photo of your roof in the dark?’ and ‘what were the weather conditions?’  She replied she was meditating and a voice told her to take her camera outside and she would see fairies on the roof. I replied again asking about the weather conditions, she answered saying she’d had to be quick as it was pouring down with rain. I asked if she had considered that the orbs could be in fact rain drops on the camera lens or raindrops reflecting the flash, she replied with a stern email saying ‘what kind of medium are you not being able to tell the difference between fairies and rain drops!’ Maybe that says it all!

 It has been suggested that spirits prefer to show themselves as orbs because it takes less energy to manifest, also the pink ones are female and the blue are male! Personally I would question the logic in this as ghosts and spirits are just that. They are and not shape shifters (that’s a whole separate topic!).

Most of the time on an investigation the only anomaly you will capture on camera are orbs so it is important you carefully scrutinise them to make sure they are not obvious natural phenomena like dust or reflection.



Parapsychology corner says.......

There has been some fantastic research done by a very well respected friend at Parascience, I won't start to explain it! I will however suggest that whatever your current belief on Orbs please click on the link below and read the report yourself! I would also be interested in feedback, for example, having read the report have you views changed? Kathy.