Catforth Investigation

Orb in the haunted cottage in Catforth

Report by JOHN

On December 15th we investigated a haunted cottage in the North West of Preston. The weather was wet, windy and 4ºC. It turned out to be a very quiet investigation. Being so close to Christmas, we combined the investigation with a party, as we like nothing better than a ghost investigation so it might as well be a party too, if that's possible!

I have investigated this particular property on many occasions with some of the Ghost Haunted team. I did not intend to act as a medium on this occasion, but more as an adviser, as I thought I had experienced almost everything there was to experience at this location.

The event was being broadcast live over the web, and some of the feedback we received turned out to be very relevant to what Rob ( the medium) and some of the sensitives were getting.

Myself, Rob and Jason were talking outside one of the bedrooms when I felt there was a girl standing next to me; she was pulling at my trouser leg as if trying to get my attention. I didn’t say anything at the time, but was hoping that one of the other two mediums would pick up on her. 

As I made to leave, Rob told me there was a little girl with me.

Later on, in the master bedroom, we had a séance. Rob felt there was a very dominant male spirit in the room trying to scare him away, this can be confirmed by other mediums, as he is not the only medium who’s felt this aggressive man's presence. Rob also kept saying there was a child peering through the window. Viewers from the live feed also said they could see this child, but there was no sound so no-one could have heard what Rob was saying. Also, viewers said they could see someone sitting on a stool that was just outside the circle.

Later on, some of the investigators went back in to the master bed room to hold another séance, they trapped this domineering spirit in the circle and tried to communicate with him, but all he kept trying to do was barge his way out, he started hitting on Jason’s chest and stomach, witnesses could see the indentation on his cloths as this was going on.

We intend going back in January or February and hopefully this will also be live on the web. Please keep an eye on this web site for further information.