On the 11th October 2009, the It's Behind You team joined up with Ghost Tours UK at a Derbyshire location for a very exciting 'members only' vigil. As we had been asked not to mention the place by name, it will be referred to in this article as "The Location". The Location is certainly impressive (that much we can tell you!) the building is so big we could not possibly have explored all of it in one night; a week non-stop might just have scratched the surface!

Until May 2009, The Location was a public place in regular use and some parts of the property go back over 200 years. It has seen more than its fair share of deaths; some slow ... some sudden and unexpected. We started our investigation in parts of the building that we hadn’t been to before -  with various degrees of success.

We started in the staff quarters on the top floor where we found a maze of corridors and rooms. In one room myself and a fellow psychic were just walking around when we saw a figure standing by the window staring out of it. It looked like he was trying to climb out to me, but as he disappeared so quickly I can’t be sure on this.

We held a circle in the room and we all felt a draft around our faces and legs. The windows are

double-glazed and there were no doors or windows open. We were told afterwards that security have been scrambled to this floor on more than one occasion, because a figure has been seen at a widow and it was thought to be an intruder.

As we walked out of the room several of us saw another figure standing outside of one of the rooms, we investigated that room but came up with nothing.

On the 6th floor both Martin and Paul heard laughing, we think we have caught it on an EVP.

In another room (Room G) our medium John picked up on an old man with a disfigurement, he was stooped over and (in life) needed a walking stick to hold himself up. He gave the name Albert and said he died at the age of 87 sometime in the 50s or 60s. He was very confused and was talking about the great war, almost rambling. In the same room there was an old lady who did not like us being there and kept telling us to leave and "leave them alone"; she would not tell us anything about herself except her name, Edna.

There was also a younger man in this room who didn't give his name but was in his mid 30’s and passed over after an horrific car crash. He said he had a wife and three children. He didn’t recognise he was dead and was getting really angry when our medium tried to tell him he had died and asked him if his car accident was drink or drug related. Most of the team members felt his anger. He also took great pains to tell us he was a Bolton Wanderers' supporter, why he wanted us to know this I don’t know*. We could all see shadows in the corridor peering round corners but they wouldn’t come close and move away when anyone approached them.

On the 1st floor, in Room 18, there has been seen a nun and a little boy. We were told the boy's name was David. Another part of our group was given the same name. The nun seemed to be looking after David, we do have photo evidence that may back this up. She is a dominant figure and seems to be holding on to the boy and stopping him from moving on. Several members of the group heard noises and clicks and felt the presence of the two spirits. In another part of this room we had two team members scrying. After a short while one of them burst into tears as they picked up on a very sad spirit. They were too emotional to even talk about their experience! Both myself and Martin felt a sharp pain in our necks as if a needle had been stuck in them, Martin had what looked like a small mark on the part of his neck he felt the pain.

On the ground floor both Paul and Luke had to leave the circle as they both felt uneasy and Luke felt sick. We saw a figure walking around the circle and several of the members still in the circle were feeling unwell. At one point Martin, who is tall anyway, looked even taller and appeared to have no head. We could see his shoulders - but no head! There was a spirit of a man who had worked at The Location and he insisted this room was his place of work and didn’t want anyone else invading his space. He was making it very clear and demanded we left immediately. There was also the spirit of a lady who died in childbirth carrying twins; she had to be given an emergency C section.

During one of our breaks, two of the team were walking down a corridor and heard women laughing and talking. They also could hear pots and pans clattering. As they got to the end of the corridor they could see one of the rooms was in fact a kitchen, but there was no one in there ... and no pots and pans.

I am looking forward to going back to this location as it appears to be extremely haunted. I have only mentioned some of the things that went on, I will be putting further reports on this site as we do more investigations there.