Market Drayton Private House Investigation 20/01/17

Clip 01  –  29 seconds in and 3 taps in response, 1 min 51 seconds, voices in the hallway we capture a quiet voice saying “here”, K2 flashing green in hallway although it’s not captured on camera.  7 Mins and we can here the chatter in the hallway from the people on the invest and then 7 mins 40 seconds the rempods keep going off on the stairs.

Clip 02  -  We are aware of 3 spirits in the lounge.

Clip 03  -  Video watching, while watching the rempods on the stairs we hear Jackie from It’s Behind You asking questions in the lounge with the owner of the house and her guests, we hear that a female spirit had an accident in the house but couldn’t qualify which year, we think “1547”.  The questions and answers are done via the Human Pendulum.  The spirit responds and has children and they are with her in the house, we are still watching the rempods on the stairs on the video but no activity so far.  We ask the question to the spirit if anyone is familiar and the answer was John Wall.  John looks like the spirits father, she confirms she was murdered and hung in the large bedroom with the four poster bed in it.  She was murdered as she was pregnant with her lovers baby.

Clip 08  -  We have ascertained the spirit is Mary and we have invited her onto the spirit board and she has her little girl with her, Vicky from IBY along with Becca, Sam, Dawn, Sue and Wendy are on the spirit board (Ouija ), they can see and feel the planchette trying the twist and move on the board, only slightly at first.  We have already made contact with a Mr Tonks – (possibly a gay preacher.)

Clip 09  -   Ouija Board in action again – H U G V the spirit is just moving the planchette around the board just building energy, we ask for his name H U G U H we ask “are you Hugh”?  No,   “are you Hughes,   Mr”  yes.  First name A –

not Alan, Spirit indicates he is Alexander Hughes and he is NOT the preacher.  Alexander is Mary’s Lover and they are together in the room.  Then C O H R M

On the Ouija board but it doesn’t make sense, we asked him to spell it again but no response.

Clip 10  -  Mary’s husband name C R L F R A P E N it doesn’t make sense.  Because of Rape at the end of the above spelling we asked if Mary had been raped?  But she wouldn’t say yes or no but she now has 2 children with her one of each.   Spelt E K U …………A N T N ………  we don’t know what those spelt.  The spirit can read and write and her children are both 8.5 but one of the children never lived it was stillborn.  We asked the spirit to send the planchette to David and to Becky and it did, the spirit followed instructions on the Ouija board.  Mr Hughes came back to the board he went to Yes, we ask why was he back to the board? Is it because he is the man of the house and he said YES.  We asked if the town was called Market Drayton when he was living here and he said NO but couldn’t tell us what it was called but….

Clip 11  -  Mr Hughes said the place was called home and went to the letter H.

Clip 12  -  We ask the spirits if they know about the great fire, the spirit said NO.  Mr Hughes said he died in “1648” he was 37 yrs old.  Said he was born in 1617 which doesn’t quite tally up. Mr Hughes is bored with us.  Alexander said goodbye on the board.

Clip 13  -  We are in the bedroom with the four posted bed in it, the lazers are set up and criss cross the room in red lines, there is a K2 in the middle of the bed.  We hear sounds from the bathroom which is on the same floor at this room, the others in the group are above us in the attic room so no-one in the bathroom.  Nick from IBY has picked up an old lady – the bed is vibrating and rocking but the camera does not pick up the movement.  The teddy bear trigger object keeps being triggered and keeps talking.  We keep calling out but no response.  Nick Lyn from IBY decides to go into a cupboard in the room that is supposed to be haunted, he stayed in it for a while but reported no activity in there.  7 mins 37 seconds into the clip one lady in the room asks if there  is anyone in the room with them and you can clearly hear a quiet voice whisper  “I am”  looking at the footage of that moment it’s clear that no-one in the room has heard that response…. Paul has it clear on his video footage and whats more? Greg from IBY has it on his voice recorder that was in the room too, this is a fabulous piece of evidence of spirits in the house. 

The girls in the room try scrying in the mirror, it’s not very successful, Nick Lyn gets a candle and lights it to see if it helps.  They try again but still nothing happens.  The girls talk about sightings being mainly on the landing.

P3 cont-

Clip  14-  We are still in the four poster bedroom and we have the small ouija board but it does not move.  The trigger object bear speaks to say the temperature has changed.

Clip  15-  Ouija board is at the stairs, the temperature is dropping dramatically, Ouija board is moving to goodbye, Paul goes onto the board and it goes very quiet, no response. Paul and Wendy are on Jackie’s small Ouija board, John Riley picks up a childs name of “Billy” he thinks Billy was here in the 1950’s and had Polio, he also thinks this property was a Polio Recovery Hospital.

The upstairs attic bedroom has a message for Paul on their spirit board, he leaves to go up there.  The Polio Hospital was Loggerheads Way.  The Shower apparently turns on itself.  Upstairs in the attic room we have connected with some Polish children and they have an infectious disease, they died and are buried in the Polish Cemetery nearby. The camera is still looking at the bedstead off the landing and you can hear the trigger bear speaking but you can’t make out what it is saying.  The little Polish girl upstairs says she was taken there will other children who were also poorly and they were to re-couperate and then go home but for many of them it was the last time they saw their parents.

Clip  16-  In the bedroom with the ornate headboard you can hear a hissing noise form the corner.  We have upstairs in the attic room Paul has messages for him and his son.  Upstairs we have 6 girls and 2 boys who died from smallpox and they are also buried in The polish Cemetery at Prees.  The house in 1959 was used as a temporary hospital and their main food was eggs.

Clip  17-  Ouija board and lazers are set up in room and we are trying to contact Mona who was the lady who contacted Paul, 24 seconds Vicky asks if Mona is here and she clearly answers “I am” no-one reacts to the voice so no-one heard it.  The planchete is not moving and the bear says its tickly.  Gregg plays his voice recording caught in that room and he has caught the voice saying “I Am” he plays it to the camera and everyone hears it.  We can hear on the voice box in the white noise we think we hear the name “Dawn and possibly Jacob,” the teddy is going mad.  Ouija board A B C P rem pods are going mad in the back ground  R E T.  Lots of activity on the stairs and the spirit upstairs spelt Paul Shirley’s name, Paul has been re-born 4 times and his son. We ask the board does it have a message for anyone it says yes for Wendy – P Q’s Manners, the spirit is trying not to swear. Spirit is 27 yrs old.  The board

P4 cont-

spells WENDY but she has already left the house. N A O D  the spirit is Welsh N A O A  K Z  no  L Z  name is Lizzie.   Initials LZ male, we ask for the name to be in English D T  D U D  the spirits reacts to dude and says yes on the board and says he is related to Wendy Eccles.  1940 the spirit died and is a distraught relative from the war, it is Wendy’s Uncle DUD.  CPDY- Copy- Yes- A A yes C U E – yes – we thinks it’s a military message COPY. Which means you have got the message, he is Sergeant and we call him “Sir” Jackie asks what he was in the war BOMBY- BOMBY- yes “BOMBY” were the bombers nicknames as they bombed the Germans. He says he has no body as is “missing in action” MIA. We ask “where is his body?” D U R Paul asks if it is France?- no-  the spirits says he knows when VE day is although he wasn’t there and he is very proud.  Wendy has messages  - yes yes yes, the spirit says its tired and asks us to go now and leave it alone. This we do.

Clip 18-  Writing Planchete – it moves with a side to side movement for yes and stays still for no – the spirit says it came through earlier in the night, the planchete moves towards Nick Lyn – Jackie asks the spirit “how old are you?” 7 no! it does not make any sense at mo.

Clip 19-  Writing Planchete again, J O E L is your name JOEL? How old are you? Did you used to live here? Is this still a message for Nick? Nick asks if it is Jean?, the answer is “Yes” and Nick can take it, it is his nan Jean, she wants him on the table C A R is it my car? Yes-  is there something wrong with Nicks Car we ask again – yes-  she says Nick has a good heart and she is proud of him and Nicks mum. We hear thuds and creaking on the stairs but we can’t make it out clearly, it turns out to be Dave Farmer coming back into the hallway as he had forgotten something.  Not a lot happening now and we call it a day.  We thank the spirits and close for the night.