Shrewsbury Battlefield

Date…12th October 2009  (Start 21:45  Ended 02:00)

Purpose of Investigation…

To provide supportive evidence of paranormal activity at this site. This is an  “initial” general investigation. A further “specific” investigation may be warranted depending on initial findings and owners consent.  

Site owners…

Battlefield Farm & Visitor Centre (Battlefield 1403)    (Permission Granted…with Staff Attendance)

Members present (Itsbehindyou)

John - Medium
Martin - Technical/Investigator
Marie - Secretary/Investigator
Caroline - Medium
Kirsty - Investigator
Neil - Investigator

Visitors Present

Kate (Battlefield 1403Visitor Centre Staff)
Sharon (Battlefield 1403Visitor Centre Staff)

Weather Conditions

Moon…Waning Crescent (30% Full)
Solar Activity….Normal/Low
Temperature…6DegC dropping to 2.5DegC

Equipment Used…

EMF Meters
Digital Camcorders
Digital Cameras
Digital Voice Recorders
I.R. Motion detectors
Dowsing Rods

Investigation Summary

Battlefield 1403 Visitor Centre

The visitor centre is part of a converted farm outbuilding complex, which has been tastefully developed into a cafeteria area comprising seating areas at ground floor and a smaller gallery seating area above.

Off the cafeteria is an impressive “farm shop” & souvenir area with substantial chillers/refrigeration areas.

Toilets/washrooms and a small kitchen area are situated centrally between the farm shop and cafeteria.

A paved courtyard with additional seating areas leads to the Visitor Centre Museum. This is a separate single storey building housing artefacts & replicas from the 1406 Shrewsbury battle, together with Historical literature on Henry 1V.

Battlefield Church lies a short 2minute walk from the Visitor centre and is owned separately by the Churches Conservation Trust. 

Shop/Produce Area

The Investigation commenced at approximately 21:45 with a general walk through the Shop area. Photographs were taken together with some video footage

On first inspection of the video recording…there appears to be an “additional” person present in the area, standing alongside the team members and some team members faces appear to be distorted (*1) (Video & Photos To be analysed)

Some team members reported glimpsing a soldier figure, and others saw fast-Erratic movement of a dark shadow on the floor of the “chillers/ refrigeration areas, which Caroline sensed to be linked to a male child’s spirit. (See voice recorder info when analysed)

John picked up soldiers being hanged, green uniforms with white stripes, women & children helping amongst the dead and wounded men. A three legged stool. An officer being allowed to die by his or with his sword (one of the king’s men!)

A black hat with white feather was sensed!

Tea / Coffee Shop Gallery

Several team members saw lighting anomalies.

John pickled up a hayloft fire/ heat…killing a “migrant worker”.

A girl was picked up with the name Mary by both mediums (Caroline sensed Mary 30mins earlier witnessed by Neil whilst on an initial walk through the Gallery area. She also picked up on “Heat”.   Mary is believed to wander the Café area and watch the staff (She may be responsible for crockery breakages overnight)

A boy possibly named George (from the cloth cap era was also sensed.)

Mary seems to be more responsive to women.

A strong sense of an Executioner (Axe man) was felt by one medium, who felt that the executioner was “measuring him up” i.e. how much force to use to behead him!

A sense of being on a ship & swaying was mentioned (possibly reclaimed ship timber?

Both staff members and some team members felt a sense of swaying, hot sweaty palms, and one of the staff members felt particularly emotional on hearing that the spirit Mary watched over the staff & meant no harm.

The K2 meter activated to amber & red on a couple of occasions in the Gallery area and on the counter of the café (Particularly near one staff member)

The name Joshua was picked up…he wanted to show one medium his Grave.

(Pictures & video are pending analysis)

Note Martin’s new Video batteries flattened unexpectedly, preventing further video footage. Marie also required an unexpected battery change to her Voice recorder.

At around midnight The Shop’s Cat kindly presented us with a beautiful dead mouse.

The Visitor Centre Museum

No significant activity was indicated.

An accident involving a stable lad and a violent death was picked up.

Photos are pending analysis.

The Church walk

This involved a short walk from visitor centre to Church via a turnip field.

John felt the presence of a small group of “Airmen” (WW2 RAF types) who were following our group and approached from the North of the Field.

(Possible links to Sleap Airfield…it is generally North of the area)

Returning back from the church investigation at around 02:00am  John, Kirsty & Neil were lagging behind and clearly heard a voice say “I’m over Here” (this was not the other group members.

John picked up on a possible Rape & Murder in the vicinity of the gate to courtyard area circa 1960’s

The Church

The church interior felt particularly cold but this was probably conducive to the plummeting outside temperature & drafts within the building.

Shadows were seen in the main church area  (where pews face each other) along the wrought Iron griddling areas.

An unsavoury presence was sensed in the Vestry area. Both John & Neil could make out dark grey shadow movement in the unlit Vestry room.

Both Caroline & John were reluctant to enter the room. (History associated this room as the possible location of the Corbett family mortuary.)

John also picked up on a Corbett male member…who brought possible shame on the family’s good name.

A dark figure was also sensed prostrated on the alter steps (possible a clergyman)

It was also sensed that the church had held “Parties” or non-religious celebrations.

Kirsty confirmed that this was true.

It was also sensed that an execution-style shooting took place on the site (possibly flintlock era or later) 

Just Before leaving site

Kirsty heard a baby crying in the Ladies Toilets.


Updates will be added to this report as and when new information becomes available.

 (*1) 25/10/2009
Video footage has been analysed…and no additional persons were captured. Distorted faces of some team members appeared “normal” during analysis. 

 (*2) 25/10/2009
1786- Thomas Telford worked in Shrewsbury converting some of Shrewsbury Castle ruins into a house.

1792-Thomas Telford constructed his first Stone Bridge at Montford Bridge just outside Shrewsbury…He took his design inspiration from Battlefield Church Shrewsbury.

(*3) 25/10/2009
EVP recordings have been checked/analysed. Faint singing/chanting can be heard on one recording…another recording has captured faint “panting” and shuffling/walking.