Tilstock Airfield

Tilstock Airfield 11th November 2011

Although we thought most of the activity seemed to be focused around the first part of the investigation, the digital recorder caught a few evps in most of or very close to the rooms in which we all participated in standing and waiting quietly for any response in between each call out. Interestingly enough the canteen area and the corridor immediately behind me at the bottom of the room seemed to be very active. Paul who was using his infra red cam corder said he could clearly see what looked like smoke directly in front of him at one stage. When John Riley said he thought he could hear voices and we went to investigate where they could have come from I can clearly hear a female voice whisper saying something (it could be in another language) when I say I can feel a presence in the other room and the atmosphere clearly changes to an almost thick oppressive feeling. John also called out in the canteen and mentioned that the buildings would soon be coming down and were the spirits aware and pleased about this. One male spirit quite clearly talks back somewhere at a distance to me and probably very close to John saying a couple of swear words and something similar to he hated that place and it was like  a hell hole to him. Strangely I picked up this male voice also seemed to have a London accent not too dissimilar to Johns own accent!! Maybe worth looking into at some stage in the future. The last hour of the event spent in smaller rooms in the big building although seemed to be 'flat,' conversations can clearly be heard on the recorder, two women possibly but certainly voices and other spirits were around us if not directly in the same room very close by.

We all experienced the subtle changes in temperature most of the time and the only time when I spoke out the doorway next to me going very dark (and John telling me to be quiet again lol) A woman's whisper clearly behind me says 'You are not f**king* coming in here. Not sure what was stood in the doorway but because the whole area went suddenly black, I did feel very uncomfortable and probably for a good reason lol.

To sum up the most interesting part of the building is the canteen, this is where spirits seem to be trying to interact with the call outs but without the software I cannot confirm that at the moment. There are parts of the recording where words can clearly be heard and that male voice saying he hated that building was certainly ready to see it all demolished!

John also says about footsteps and there are clearly noticeable sounds that could very well be a few steps walking about seconds before he mentions it. Distant conversations, footsteps, change of atmosphere and temperature have all been witnessed on this occasion. Definitely a place to revisit for the last time before the old buildings finally come down and land is used for new a new development.

 Report by Debbie Orange