Tranquil Times

Investigation 31 October 2011


 An investigation took place at Tranquil Nails Dawley on October the 31st 2011 with the following results recorded: 

While calling in the shop entrance area two children came forward one boy and one girl. They both appeared happy and playful.

Also while calling a candle in a decorated pumpkin flared up this being situated in the window. ( this repeated once more during the evening. ) 

In the small office on the ground floor both groups attempted calling with very little activity. In both sessions Scrying took place with numerous experiences taking place.

These included: 

Appearing to age 

One changing in appearance from female to male 

General change of appearance ( face becoming fuller ) 


Treatment Room

During calling the presence of a male aged approx 14 / 15 an apprentice came forward and he appeared worried or fearful of his employer. 

Also came forward was an oldish female possibly from Wales. Both her husband and children had passed away due to illness ( Cholera ). Also times were very hard with little money as since the death of her family the business had failed. 

In the second visit to the room several members of the group experienced the presence of a woman. She began touching their hair and experienced itching as one said as if they had nits. 

Other Upstairs room

During the session an experiment took place using members of the public as a human pendulum.

During this session two males came forward one who was just visiting there but had died elsware and one other who appeared to be playing about.

JR also sensed a baby in the room.

Also the K2 meter the reading was recorded as red.

Report by JW

Team Investigation

Tranquil Times 18th November 2011 - Paranormal Investigation Report

Weather conditions – Cold and dry

Members of ITS BEHIND YOU team:-

Karen, Julie, John R, John W, Sharmaine, Andrew, Debbie, Wayne, David, & Nicky P, Greg, Pauline

Friends of ITS BEHIND YOU :-, Pauline (owner of shop) & two shop staff.

We started the investigation in the Therapy room  with a Protection circle, after completing the protection we did various call outs, Greg then offered to go into the middle of the circle to act as a human pendulum, a spirit of a young girl came through, She was not alone Karen said she felt that it was a spirit cat.

We split into two groups, The group in the therapy room made themselves comfortable whilst calling out to spirit to make themselves known Debbie and Pauline felt someone was sat between them on the sofa also feeling something or someone brush pass them, Pauline also felt as if someone/something sat on her feet. There appeared to be lots of breeze and coldness felt by some members, with the exception of Karen who felt quite warm.

John W was sat in a chair when he suddenly felt someone/thing was moving the chair in the effort to get him off. The chair is very heavy and solid, so it appears strange that it looked as if the chair was moving with John W on it.  John W was  adamant that he was not moving it and tried to stay  quite still, at one point John W had to regain his balance by putting his feet back on the floor and push himself back on to the chair as he felt he was about to be pushed completely over.

A female child spirit was sensed during that time the K2 meter lit up in response to several questions. Wayne felt as though the spirit wanted to play, in response to this Karen and Wayne sat on the floor to be near a child’s level. Karen didn’t sense anything in that room although the rest of the group did.

The group then moved upstairs to the room known as The Psychic room where they called out for spirit to make themselves known when Karen started to feel sick, Debbie and John W felt a present and thought that maybe the child spirit has followed us from the therapy room, the child appeared happy where she was and used to live in the building when it was a house many years ago.

John R asked Karen to lie on the floor in the same position as he and others had witness a female spirit on a previous investigation, after just a few minutes Karen started to feel sick again, John R said he felt as if a lady had been killed in this room and he was trying to explain the position he could “see”  a woman  laying in. Debbie and John W said Karen looked like she had a long black dress on and long dark hair. John R saw a figure kneeling down near Karnes, Karen then started feel sick again John R said he saw a mist near Karen’s stomach area. Karen said it did feel a little strange but once she sat up and moved back onto a chair she felt better.

The group moved into a neighbouring building and started to do calls outs again for spirit to make themselves known to us, Debbie said that she felt as though her lungs were being crushed and could smell chemicals. David P felt a male presence and that maybe the man suffocated or had some sort of breathing problems due to his job working with chemicals or mixing them or something of that nature.

The group moved down to the cellar, the cellar had a odd effect on some of the group, Karen felt sick again and had to sit down, she crouch down leaning against the wall, then one of the shop staff had to be helped out of the cellar because she felt as though she was trapped and felt very angry this took place in the larger part of the cellar. The decision was made for all to move into the larger area where John R felt he had to go ‘lower’ as if there was a tunnel or mine or something in a lower part. Karen was still very sick and had developed a pain in her stomach, she was experiencing the feeling of despair not sadness as such, and just complete despair and hopelessness, once leaving the cellar Karen felt fine again.

After some discussion it was decided that this building certainly warrants an overnight investigation, “A paranormal sleepover!”

EVP report coming soon.

Report by Karen R