Orb found in photo taken at the Warrington Investigation


On the 25th November 2006 we attended a vigil in Warrington with Ghosthaunted Northwest.

The building under investigation is for the use of the Sea Cadets. It was built on reclaimed land from the river Mersey. The weather conditions were wet and cold (outside temp 9ºC).

On arrival, the investigators were told that that there had been a fatal accident in the river where the building is now standing. There were five children that died: two girls and three boys. The oldest boy had been playing around in the small boat they were in and this caused it to capsize, killing all of them.

There were 20 guests on this vigil, so we split up in to two groups. In the It's Behind You group the investigation started slowly, so we decided to do a séance and this started things moving. After the séance, we moved to the other end of the room where most of the guests had started to feel a presence. Some complained of and feeling sick; some were cold and many were swaying as if they were on board a boat. One of the ladies in the group screamed. She said that the backs of her knees had been pushed by an unseen force, which made them buckle. She was so disturbed by this that she had to be escorted out of the room. One of the guests kept saying that she felt her feet were wet. None of these guests knew the history of the building and the fact the land it was built on was reclaimed. There is no visible evidence that the river was re rooted about 10 years ago.

During this session, a couple of light anomalies were caught on the night vision camcorder. One photograph in a series showed an ‘orb’. After the group left the room John took some EMF readings in the corner of the room where people appeared to be ‘feeling’ things. The results were strange as when John walked into the corner of the room both EMF meters he was using (a basic Gauss meter and a Multi-detector pro II) registred at the maximum setting.

Ghostly figure found on photo taken at Warrington investigation

There was a power cable on the wall high up, but it was too high to affect readings where IJohn was taking them. John theorised that perhaps a hidden under-floor cable was the cause. However, on returning to the room later in the evening to repeat the readings, John could not get any reading at all.

After a short break our group moved in to another room. Sadly, in here we picked up very little, so moved on to a third room where the atmosphere was much more conducive. Although this was better, it was not as interesting as the results we obtained in the first room.

Next, we split the group in to two smaller groups. We then tried some experiments with the glass; this was very interesting as both groups got good results.

Before we started the glass experiments there was a couple of moving light anomalies caught on camera, one of which was interesting as it appeared to change shape as it moved. It started as an orb shape and then became a ‘stringy’ shape as it got near. It is possible it was a cobweb: closer inspection of the footage is required.One of the other light anomalies we believe was dust, because of the way it moved: it fell directly from the ceiling to the floor.

Before we went home we had a grand séance where everyone joined in. A lot of people felt they were being pushed, either backwards or forwards. Some guests felt coldness on their arms, legs and the back of their necks. One of the guests started crying. When questioned,  she said she didn’t know why.  Both mediums picked up one of the children with her.

After a little time this lady got so stressed we moved her out of the circle, discreetly. At this point the lady who was standing next to her started to cry - she too was picking up the sadness. It was at that point we decided to end the séance.